Eat out for less with the Gastro Card

Eating out is one of life’s greatest pleasures – whether it is with family and friends or business colleagues and prospective clients.

We here at The Gastro Card love our food and dining out and we are passionate about protecting our partner restaurants especially in this economic climate.

When we came up with the idea for The Gastro Card, our main priority was that you, the ‘diner’ could save money when eating out which in turn helps our restaurants to prosper. It really is as simple as that!

Becoming a Gastro Card member only costs £30 per year and as our Gastro Card Partner Restaurants make exclusive offers to our members, you are likely to cover this initial cost at your first visit to a Gastro Card Partner Restaurant. Each restaurant has its own unique offer to our members, ranging from a free bottle of wine to 25% off your bill.

Please visit the Restaurants Page to see where you would like to dine next and what discounts they have in store for you, then buy your Gastro Card and enjoy discounted dining for the year to come.

Bon Appetit!


We welcome your feedback as food lovers so feel free to recommend other restaurants or let us know about your experience at your favourite restaurant. Please click here to fill in a short form to send us your testimonials or comments, we look forward to hearing from you.