Can I buy the Gastro Card for business use?

The Gastro Card is ideal for business, whether that is entertaining clients or closing deals over a meal. Please visit the Corporate Benefits area of the site for further information on the Gastro Card for corporate use.

Can I buy the Gastro Card as a gift?

Yes – the Gastro Card is an ideal gift for any occasion, whether that be for Christmas, Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day or simply for birthdays. It is a gift that keeps on giving all year round and all for a small cost of £30.

How can I benefit from buying a Gastro Card?

You will be able to make savings each time you eat out, which in the current economic climate is an added bonus and this applies to both individuals and business users. The Gastro Card directory will provide you with extensive information about each restaurant so that you can choose the ‘ideal’ restaurant for the special occasion whatever it may be – business or pleasure or both.

How quickly will I recoup my investment in the Gastro Card?

You should be able to save the £30 the Gastro Card costs by eating out twice – thereafter you’re making savings all the way. We estimate that someone who eats out once a week can easily save more than £1,000 in a year – not a bad return on investment.

Can I recommend a restaurant for inclusion on the Gastro Card directory?

If your favourite restaurant is not currently part of the Gastro Card, or any other restaurant that you would be happy to recommended to others is not included – then please let us know

Which restaurants are included in the Gastro Card Directory?

We try to include all the top restaurants in the area, with a wide geographic spread as well as restaurants who offer all types of cuisine you can think of. We are constantly recruiting new restaurants so please keep checking the site for more information, or if there is a restaurant you would like to see as a partner of the Gastro Card then please contact us.

How often is restaurant information updated?

We endeavour to keep restaurant information as up-to-date as possible, particularly in terms of menus and offers; however we are reliant upon participating restaurants informing us of such changes. If you know of any information that is out-of-date or incorrect please let us know.

What sort of offers do the restaurants make?

Each resturant sets its own offer, and they range from a discount from the bill e.g. 25% off the food bill, to a special Gastro Card fixed price menu. Please check the restaurant’s individual page on our website to view the offer for the restaurant you would like to visit.

Are there any restrictions on the offers made?

Unlike some other dining cards which restrict the use of their card to once a year per restaurant – there are very few restrictions when using the Gastro Card. However you should always check that the offer is valid when booking your table as some restaurants may restrict their offer to a maximum number of people in the party; or are not available on certain days like Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday, etc. Please check the restaurant’s individual page on our website to see the terms and conditions of the offer.

Can I just turn up at a restaurant without booking?

We always recommend booking prior to your visit as you need to mention your Gastro Card before you arrive. However If the restaurant is displaying the ‘We accept the Gastro Card’ sign you could, however in these circumstances we make no guarantees that you will be able to have a table straightaway and that your Gastro Card offer will be applicable.

How do I use my Gastro Card?

Having selected the restaurant you want to eat at from the Gastro Card Directory you must phone the restaurant to book a table and the check availability of the offer. On arrival present your Gastro Card, and you will have the value of the offer deducted from your bill when you come to pay. It really is that simple!

How do I apply and pay for the Gastro Card?

You can apply online and pay by Credit Card – secure through PayPal (you can use Paypal’s secure payment facility whether you have PayPal account or not). You need to advise us of your email address and full postal address so that we can send you your Gastro Card.

How much does the Gastro Card cost?

The Gastro Card costs just £30 inc VAT for a full year.