Corporate Benefits

21 reasons why your company should have its ‘own-brand’ Gastro Cards…

  1. Reduce your business entertaining costs
  2. Say ‘thank you’ to valued clients for doing business with you
  3. Say ’thank you’ for referring new business to you
  4. Raise your brand awareness
  5. Keep you brand & message in front of prospective clients
  6. Reward employee performance
  7. Use as part of an Employee Benefits Scheme
  8. Make available to employees at a reduced cost
  9. A corporate gift that is branded

10. A corporate gift that lasts 12 months

11. Cost effective – cheaper than flowers, wine, chocolates, etc.

12. Save money when you eat out with family & friends

13. Enables you to ‘trade-up’ in terms of restaurant without increasing your spend on business entertaining

14. If you spend £100 on business entertaining using a Gastro Card could save you £1,000+ a year

15. Each time the card is used it is a topic of conversation – and your brand is reflected in a very positive way

16. Ideal bag fillers at exhibitions and shows

17. Giveaways with brochure packs

18. Perceived value of the gift

19. A truly inexpensive way to ensure their details stay in the purse/wallet of their customers all year round

20. Because your competitors will!

21. Association – how great to be linked to a premium brand like The Gastro Card

Whatever the size or nature of your business, The Gastro Card can offer you real benefits and save you money at the same time. There are various ways to use your ‘own-brand’ Gastro Card, for example you can use it to:

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