Restaurant Owners


“21 reasons why you should let us help you with your marketing”


  1. It’s FREE
  2. We promote your restaurant on The Gastro Card website, – with a comprehensive profile of your restaurant:
    1. Editorial and reviews – up to 400 words
    2. Logo & images
    3. Up-to-date menus
    4. Map link       
    5. Detailed restaurant information – opening times, parking, disabled access, price range, signature dishes, etc.
    6. Link to your restaurant’s own website
  3. It’s a proven route to bring new diners to your restaurant – Gastro Card members are regular restaurant diners who are passionate about eating out. They have an above-average likelihood to make a return visit and to make valuable word of mouth recommendations.
  4. We give you complete flexibility to set your own offers. The Gastro Card is designed to help you to achieve a more consistent rate of covers across the week and across the year. We can help you devise tactical offers which will fill those quiet Mondays in February…
  5. The Gastro Card encourages multiple visits – Members pay a single annual fee of £30 (incl VAT) for the card. The more they use it, the greater its value!
  6. Your restaurant will be featured in our regular e-Newsletter – which is distributed to over 10,000 Gastro Card members and potential members.
  7. We can review your restaurant & get this review placed on the internet & in your local press.
  8. We can distribute your own press releases through our wide media network.
  9. We can promote your chef & your/his signature dishes & recipes in our regular Gastro Guides.

10. We can include you in the Gastro Card Guide to ‘The Sunday Roast’. This is developing into an authoritative and comprehensive guide.

11.  You can post your own news items on our website.

12. We can report your news, post comments about GCPRs, via our active Twitter and Facebook pages.

13. We can promote your special events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.

14. We can distribute your own special offers for you – to further encourage increased business.

15. We can sponsor special events promoting the Gastro Card at GCPRs.

16. The Gastro Card is spreading across the UK, following its successful launch in the Midlands. You can raise your restaurant’s profile right across the UK via the Gastro Card site.

17. We help you get more regular, repeat customers, bringing extra business though your doors when you need it – in your quieter shifts!

18. The emphasis is on ‘Gastro’ – your restaurant will be aligned and associated with other first class restaurants. We focus on independent restaurants which offer main courses in the £12 – £35 price range.

19. Forge stronger links with local tourist bodies – there is great potential here. For example, in Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare Country has launched a local version of the Gastro Card, to promote the area as a short break destination capitalising on its food offering.

20. You can become part of a potential networking club – Gastro Card Partner Restaurants can work together to increase business across their region.

21. And remember it’s FREE – it won’t cost you a penny.

All we ask in return is tht you make an offer – of your choosing – to Gastro Card members that is NOT available to ‘walk-ins’. 

For further information or to request a restaurant information pack please call 0121 285 0335 or Contact Us quoting “Please send me a Restaurant Info Pack and Application Form”