Welcome to The Gin Shelf – How to perfect the art of Gin drinking & Festive gins & cocktails at Christmas

7th December 2016


Matt Burton is a 30 something year old Gin enthusiast, Birmingham born & bred and now living in Leeds with his beautiful (and eternally patient) wife Emily.

Read his guide to Festive gins and cocktails – An experts guide published in Inews on 5th December


Matt’s love of Gin…

“Whilst I will happily go on record as stating ‘I’m not an expert’ in the Gin field, I do have a passion for this Juniper based beverage and hope you enjoy a few whimsical & (hopefully) informed reviews, monologues and rants that I’ll post as I taste my way through the Botanical garden (excuse the pun).

I’ll be writing about various Gins, giving you the low down on my opinions and experiences, as well as occasionally side tracking in to the world of Cocktail making (my second love!) and interesting drinks venues/events that I visit.

All pieces and opinions are my own and importantly I ask that you don’t just take my word for it. I actively encourage you to try these wonderful drinks for yourself to see if you agree or disagree with my views.

Cheers! Now, where did I put my G & T?…” Read more about The Gin Shelf here.

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Read Matt’s latest article, “How to perfect the art of Gin drinking” published in the INEWS on 21st November 2016.