What some of our members and corporate clients have said about The Gastro Card

 Staying Cool Apartments at the Rotunda – Birmingham   Staying Cool has worked with Gastro Card since 2009 using a personalised Staying Cool Gastro Card attached to the room key for our guests to be able to enjoy eating out in the very best restaurants when they visit Birmingham and save money.

We are currently working with Gastro Card to develop our partnership further, by having a Gastro Card restaurant link on our website, enabling our guests to have directions from Staying Cool for them to venture out into the City to places such as Broad Street, Brindley Place, Colmore Row and the Jewellery Quarter so they can really experience the great food choices we have on offer across Birmingham.

The Gastro Card & Staying Cool partnership is a great way for visitors to the City to enjoy staying in an iconic building with outstanding views, enjoy fine dining and save money, which can only be an incentive to want to come back and do it all again!”

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Kirsty – Birmingham  “The great thing about the Gastro Card is that it introduces you to new restaurants. It removes the potential disappoint that can happen when you try somewhere new, because you have the confidence that they only work with the best!” 

Matty – Birmingham  “I met The Gastro Card Team at an event and purchased my first Gastro Card. During the first few months, I did not use it to its full potential, but when the time came to renew my Gastro Card I had a lovely email and I sat and worked out the savings I could make, based on my favourite restaurants and then it was a `no brainer’ to renew.

The Gastro Card has paid for itself ten times over and I saved the cost of the card, from my first visit to one restaurant. One of the best things the Gastro Card has done for me is helping me choose where to go out to eat. If we cannot decide where to eat, I can give people options by showing them the Gastro Card website.

 I love eating out; I love to say how good Birmingham is for the restaurant scene. So my most favourite places I will always eat at:  Purnell’s Bistro, Cielo,  Hotel la Tour and Chung Ying.

Now with my Gastro Card, I regularly save about £50 each time I eat out; depending on the number of guests, I take. So, I am not only saving money, but it’s made me try other wonderful establishments, who are attached to the Gastro Card. I recently took my whole family out for a remarkable meal, the waiter come over and I asked for the check and showed him my Gastro Card and the restaurant gave me 20% discount. So will I renew? Yes. Would I recommend it to others? Definitely. Keep up the good work!”

Bill – Solihull  “We went for our cocktail masterclass prize at Purnell’s Bistro last night and it was BRILLIANT! We had the personal attention of Dan, the bar manager and cocktail specialist, and he couldn’t have been bettered. No corners were cut in terms of the number of drinks or the content and we had a terrific time. It lasted for about 1 hour 40 minutes and we then had dinner in the bistro (and of course got the Gastro Card discount there too).

The Bistro food and service was good too – in fact, the whole, positive staff culture throughout the business came across strongly to me and it’s not often you see that.

We went last Saturday to Peel’s Restaurant at Hampton Manor as well and the food was outstanding – beef that melted in your mouth. Service was excellent and I enjoyed the new dining room ambience – the four of us had a lovely free glass of champagne courtesy of Gastro Card.

So on two outings, Gastro Card has saved me at least £50 not to mention my lovely prize of some 8 cocktails worth about £60 – keep it going!”

A very satisfied Fiona – Solihull  “I recently purchased the card and have used it four times in the last two weeks.  Our first trip out was to the Malt Shovel in Barston and we followed this with two trips to Hotel Du Vin and then Ashas.  Our experience so far has been superb and it has been very different to other such cards we have purchased in that the patrons are very happy to offer the discount.  I would whole heartedly recommend buying this, as in only two weeks we have saved over £100.00, which is quite exceptional.  The Hotel Du Vin is a favourite of ours and to save over £65.00 in two trips means we will be visiting quite regularly, particularly leading up to Christmas”. 

Jane – Solihull  “Visited Purnell’s Bistro, then the Malt Shovel at Barston for a great lunch for a friend’s birthday ( went back again – as I enjoyed it so much). I had a wonderful birthday lunch at Peel’s Restaurant at Hampton Manor. Off to sample Hogarth’s in a couple of weeks  with friends so will definitely be using my Gastro card plenty.”

Gemma – Sutton Coldfield  “I just wanted to contact you to say what a fantastic Cafe/restaurant Café Zest in Sutton Coldfield is. I have a 10 month old son and every time I pop into Sutton I choose to have coffee or lunch in House of Fraser. The food is great, but what really draws me there is the staff, they are very friendly, and helpful to me with my baby, they bring my food over to the table and help me with the high chair. There is one particular lady who clears the tables that is really friendly. Your partner restaurant has certainly had an impact on me and my family and I recommend the place to all my friends! House of Fraser, don’t do badly either as I nearly always find  something to buy on my way out of the store!”

Pauline – Knowle  “We had a wonderful meal and we did indeed have a lovely glass of champagne each. So thank you for that, and thank you to Peel’s Restaurant. I’m going back there with my girlfriends for lunch later in the month and am looking forward to it already!”

Sue – Birmingham  “We had another excellent evening last week at one of our favourite eateries – Henry Wong in Harborne. The restaurant was buzzing and the food as always was first class. We had a mixture of dishes from the main menu also a selection from their Signature dishes. Using our Gastro Card meant we had a very affordable evening with good food and wine, but what we like most of all being a member of The Gastro Card is the selection of good quality restaurants that won’t let us down.”

Loucas – Stourbridge  “As for the Gastro card what can I say. It has been the best investment I  have made this year. For such a small fee you get ridiculous discounts to  excellent restaurants and invited to awesome events like the Harvey Nichols  Autumn fashion show with exclusive deals for Gastro card members. So as far as I  am concerned if you like quality dining and great deals and sexy events then you  must be crazy if you do not have one yet. Plus you get to meet some amazing lovely people who will look after you always. Thank you Gastro Card.”

Derek – Birmingham  “My daughter in law gave us a Gastro Card as although we are retired we like to visit Stratford and Henley often. I was delighted to see that all of our favourite restaurants are partners of Gastro Card, so it now means with the savings we make every week, we can eat out more often. ”

Chris and Janet – Solihull  “My wife likes to eat out and enjoys fine wines! With The Gastro Card it means that I make a saving every time we eat out and she is happy! A perfect partnership!”

Sue – Banbury  “What a fantastic evening we had at The Peacock, Oxhill – and who though pork could be served in so many ways?

My husband and I attended the Pig Out at the Peacock evening the other night and were delighted with everything about the place. The meal, which was made by guest chef Jon Francis with the help of The Peacock’s Yvonne, was absolutely fabulous. We discovered that Jon and his brother Nick run a nearby farm and keep the largest herd of Tamworth pigs in England.

The food was beautiful, the pub as friendly and lively as ever. If you haven’t visited it yet I suggest you do yourself a favour and make a booking soon.”

 Jo – Burntwood  “I took my husband to Duet Cuisine for his birthday, using my Gastro Card for the first time … I have been before and it is excellent. It works well for us as a family as I don’t like Indian food but my husband does, so I can have Italian and there is a nice kids menu so my son is happy.

It was fantastic, I had been before but my husband hadn’t and he thought it was fab. Excellent service, excellent food, lovely surroundings. Couldn’t praise enough.”

Nick Jones – Birmingham “Received a fabulous welcome at Chameleon when we visited for a business lunch and mentioned that we had the Gastro Card. The maitre d was helpful, amusing and friendly.  The service and food was excellent and the saving we made using the Gastro Card was fantastic.  We will definitely revisit.”