Deliveroo – Delivering your favourite meals from some of our Gastro Card restaurants

3rd June 2015

Deliveroo deliver high end restaurant/gourmet food to people’s homes and offices. They deliver in ‘zones’  from 2.2km to 2.6km from the restaurant to the customer within those zones.

All the delivery drivers are either on scooters, electric bikes or bicycles and they put the food in a small blue thermal bag, which goes in a big black thermal bag which then goes into a black box installed on the back of their bike.

A customer can go on their laptop, tablet or mobile and go onto the Deliveroo website, enter their postcode and that will bring up a list of restaurants where they can order from. The majority of the restaurants will have their full menu on there, others will have a select menu. They choose the food and order and pay £2.50 for the delivery.

The order will then go through to the restaurants tablet, they accept the order, print out the receipt (we provide both tablet and printer) and start cooking the food. They then send for the driver 10 minutes before the food is ready.

The driver who is free will pick up the order on their app, they accept the order and then go to the restaurant, pick up the food and deliver it to the customer’s door.

There are two ways a customer can order via Deliveroo – they can order the food for it to be delivered ASAP or they can schedule the order for it to be delivered at a later time or even the day after.

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