What can a Personalised Gastro Card do for your company?

With a Personalised Gastro Card in your pocket, you can save us to 25% at restaurants right across the UK. But this dining discount card serves up delicious rewards for businesses as well as for diners. And best of all, the cost is easy to swallow, with cards coming in at just a few pounds.

Reward existing customers

Let your customers know how much you value their loyalty. This gift reminds them of your generosity each time they enjoy a meal in one of the hundreds of venues offering exclusive deals to Gastro Card holders.

Look after employees

A Personalised Gastro Card is the perfect perk or performance reward for any employee, whether junior or senior. You can offer your staff savings of up to £500 a year on food and drink with a company Gastro Card; perfect for these penny-pinching times.

Keep your business front-of-mind

The branding options place your company logo, strapline, contact details and identity right in wallets and purses of your stakeholders, acting as a constant reminder of your business and services.

Entice new business

Personalised Gastro Cards are perfectly poised to spark inquiry when they come out over lunches or dinners, thus helping to spread the word about your company and what you have to offer. With word-of-mouth arguably the most potent form of promotion, can you afford not to be part of the table talk?

Features of a Personalised Gastro Card

  • It is branded on one side with – your logo, strapline, contact details – whatever you want
  • Lasts 12 months
  • 12 month membership
  • Saves the cardholder up to £500
  • Perfect ‘thank you’ gesture
  • Costs less than a bunch of flowers

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