Our first Gastro Card `pop up’ – Epi restaurant – save up to 20% as GC member

2nd January 2014

Epi Restaurants are excited to announce a 12 week residency, which sees them open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening at the Courtyard, just off the High Street, Bromsgrove.

Epi at the Courtyard, will be offering both an a la carte and tasting menu, which allows them to showcase the best of local produce, as well as using foraged wild foods.  A wine flight for the tasting menu will also be available, which has been designed by both the Epi team and their independent wine merchant, Connolly’s of Birmingham.

Popular dishes that featured at the ‘pop ups’ such as Pig, Rye, Pear and Mutton, supplied by Keys Farm in Wildmoor, will be featured for January’s a la carte menu.

To book a table at Epi at the Courtyard, please call 07969628959 or email epi_restaurant@hotmail.co.uk

GC offer: 20% off food every Thursday, 10% off food Friday & Saturdays,when booking stating your Gastro Card number

Your Gastro Card must be presented on the night of the event

For more details see: https://www.gastrocard.co.uk/2013/12/20/epi-restaurant-our-first-pop-up-restaurant/