How the Gastro Card works

We find the best restaurants, based on recommendations, reputation and reviews, and these restaurants offer us exclusive discounts for our members who get to enjoy fine dining at a reduced cost.

The more you take advantage of these offers the more you will enjoy substantial savings, thus recovering the cost of the card in a short space of time – if not on the first visit!

How to check The Gastro Card Offers

Simply click on Restaurants and you will see that the restaurants are categorised by location.

Then just click on the restaurant’s logo or name and it will take you to a detailed entry about the restaurant displaying current offers, extensive restaurant information and a map link.

We make every effort to ensure that each restaurant has a current offer, however there may be times when they are being updated or changed and for this we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

You must mention The Gastro Card when booking – if the offer for a particular restaurant only relates to wine or champagne and you don’t drink – mention it at the time of booking or when you arrive and an alternative offer will be made.

Restaurant Information Disclaimer

Information included in this website is supplied by the Partner Restaurants themselves. We aim to keep it up to date, but we can’t guarantee that it’s always correct. Neither are we responsible for the content of the restaurants’ own websites.

Since reservations are essential we recommend that you telephone and mention your Gastro Card membership and confirm the offers, etc. when booking thus avoiding any misunderstanding.