Gastro Cards for Companies

Branded Gastro cards offer your company unique benefits when used as a sales and marketing tool or as a reward for your staff. It’s also a cost effective way to say ‘thank you’ to valued clients and lasts much longer than chocolates, flowers or wine!

Your branded card, displaying the Gastro Card logo on one side and your logo on the other, keeps your brand and message in front of clients and staff each time they use it – for a full twelve months!  It’s also an ideal ‘thank you’ for referring new business.

Don’t just take our word for it – Staying Cool Apartments at the Rotunda have bought branded cards for many years, and said:

“Gastro Cards have gone down a treat.They have always been very popular with our leisure guests, but this year we’ve seen an increase in the comments coming back from our corporate and regular guests too. A great reflection of the hard work done by your team bringing on board many of the city’s top places to eat. It raises a little smile on guests faces when we tell them the place they have picked to eat is a Gastro Card member.”

Each time the card is used it is a topic of conversation – your brand is reflected in a very positive way.  You can even reduce your business entertaining costs by issuing your branded Gastro Card to staff members who regularly entertain clients and can be added to your Employee Benefits Scheme.

Branded cards are available in quantities of 25 upwards, with larger orders attracting a worthwhile per card discount.

Click here to see what Staying Cool Apartments at the Rotunda and our members say about the Gastro card.

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