Want to run your own Gastro Card business in your area? 

Become a Gastro Card Reseller

Having successfully launched the business in the West Midlands we are now looking to extend the coverage UK-wide through a network of Gastro Card Resellers. 

We are looking for people who –

  • Who live in or near Cheshire; Edinburgh; Glasgow;  Gloucestershire; Leeds; Leicester; Liverpool; ; Manchester; Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Nottingham; Oxfordshire; Yorkshire
  • Passionate about food
  • Enjoy eating out
  • Have excellent local knowledge
  • Are well connected locally – business contacts, networker, possibly into Social Media
  • Mobile, articulate, ambitious, computer literate
  • Have enough time available to enable them to be committed to succeed

What to do next?

So if you enjoy good food & eating out and are interested in running your own full-time or part-time lifestyle business and want to learn more then CONTACT US  with your details including –

  • Full contact details
  • Current employment situation
  • Time available for your Gastro Card business
  • Career history
  • Ideal area of operations – by main postcode, town/city or county


A Business Opportunity – to run your own Gastro Card business in your area.