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1st May 2014

Ever really wanted to know what happens behind the closed doors of a professional kitchen? In his first book, Cracking Yolks and Pig Tales, Michelin-starred TV chef Glynn Purnell, shares his secrets with the home cook, and then invites you to stay for the after party. Glynn’s sophisticated, witty and elegant dishes are recreated for the home cook with affordable ingredients and accessible methods. Among the recipes, you’re privy to some of the dastardly tricks and mischievous antics Glynn and his fellow chefs get up to in between services, as well as the stories behind his rise to success.

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Cracking Yolks & Pig Tales

Glynn Purnell

Published by Kyle Books on 22nd May 2014, priced £19.99

Growing up on a council estate in Birmingham, Glynn comes from a large family, surrounded by food and challenged with everything from exotic spices and offal to whelks and pig’s trotters (a Saturday treat), with not a frozen chip in sight. This inspired Glynn to cook and try new flavours whilst also teaching him to respect produce, the cost of it and the importance of food. His first foray into cooking was his Onions-and-Curry-Powder Beans-on-Toast, tried out on his poor, unsuspecting siblings whilst his parents were at work. He also pioneered the concept of grated cheese in the bottom of a bowl of soup (‘#stringycheese’), which according to Glynn, branded him a genius.

Glynn’s stunning recipes are organised into chapters such as Eggs, Soups & Sausages, Fins, Shells & Tentacles and Stock, Pots & Bread Rolls. Try the spicy Watercress and Wasabi Pea Soup or the cheesy Baked Cheddar Custard with Red Onion Salad. Have a go at the melt-in-the-mouth Lamb Baklava with Courgette Purée or avoid the washing up with his One-Pot Pollack with Chorizo, Butter Beans and Goats’ Cheese. Finish with the decadent White Chocolate and Crème Fraîche Truffle with Orange Syrup. Although dishes such as Beef Carpaccio with Red Wine Octopus or The Emotions of Cheese and Pineapple ‘Soixante-Dix’ may seem to belong firmly in the world of classy restaurants, Glynn’s easy-to-follow methods make them realistic and achievable dishes to cook for your impressed family and friends.

In Glynn’s own words; ‘this is not a restaurant cookbook or a home cookbook; it’s just a cookbook. If you want to cook a challenging dish from the restaurant such as haddock, eggs and cornflakes, you’ll find it here. If you want to cook something a bit more down to earth, such as faggots and peas, it’s also here. If you want to flick through it and use it to prop up a wonky table, it’s good for that too. Enjoy the book, there’s some swearing, some true stories and loads of great recipes. Try them. They all work, promise.