Aubrey Allen

Aubrey Allen have been serving the Warwickshire public the finest meat since 1933. They carefully select and inspect all of their suppliers and can trace their meat from farm to plate.

Aubrey Allen are renowned for their meat, including granite grassland reared Cornish lamb, corn-fed Loire Valley hens, and free-range pork produced by Pig Farmer of the Year Jimmy Butler.

Aubrey Allen have built their reputation on the quality of their beef, sourcing only the finest Highland cattle. Some of it even comes from Ballindaloch Castle itself, home to the oldest Angus herd of all, where the cattle graze on ancient pastures, drink pure Highland water, and come winter time feed on the barley draff from local distilleries. Aubrey Allen leave their beef to hang on the bone for as long as three or four weeks and the result is the tastiest, most tender beef around.

It’s no surprise, then, that the Roux Brothers have described the quality of Aubrey’s Allen’s beef as “unrivalled”.

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