Want an easy, cost-effective way to say thank you to existing clients and for referrals?

Using your ‘own-brand’ Gastro Card as a sales and marketing tool can make your marketing budget go a long way.

The Gastro Card can be used:

  • To raise brand awareness
  • As a gift to existing clients for doing business with you – the lifeblood of any business and retaining clients is critical, and this is where the Gastro Card can be hugely beneficial as a token of your appreciation
  • As a ‘thank you’ for referring a new client
  • As an incentive to ‘close a sale’
  • As an exclusive Business Card with a difference for those key clients – it will stay in a wallet/purse all year round whereas your traditional business card won’t. With your own branding on The Gastro Card, this is a marketing tool that will be both memorable and useful
  • And for so much more


Nigel Reynolds, head of Solihull accountants Reynolds and Co, said he has been delighted by the response from people presented with a branded Gastro Card from his Solihull-based company.

“People were genuinely grateful when they received our Gastro Cards. I have received several thank you calls and emails, I think the exercise has been a great success.

“As a company it is difficult to think of the right “little gift” with which to say thank you to clients, contacts or employees. With The Gastro Card you know it won’t end up stuck in a drawer and never seen again because it is a gift they can use and benefit from for a full year.

“In these financially testing times everyone likes “a deal” and when clients use our branded Gastro Cards they will think of us as they are enjoying discount dining in some of the top restaurants around the region.”

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