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And say ‘thank you’ to your client’s customers and reward your employees?

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Is your corporate entertaining budget under pressure? We all know how important it is to the long term success of your business to look after valued clients and staff and court new clients.

You can have your ‘own-brand’ discount dining card which will not only enable you to reduce corporate entertaining expenditure, but also enable you to say ‘thank you’ to existing clients and staff in turn enabling them to save money. You can keep your brand in front of prospective clients for a full 12 months AND increase brand awareness every time your ‘own-brand’ Gastro Card is used AND dependent upon level of corporate entertaining,  possibly increase your ‘bottom-line’ profits.

Get your own-brand Gastro Cards and reduce the cost of corporate entertaining and staff recognition.

Why not give a Gastro Card as a gift to your clients, ensuring your brand will be in front of your clients for a whole year.

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