A taste of theatrical culinary

19th November 2012

The Gastro Card team celebrated a birthday by enjoying a night of Japanese food and spectacular culinary entertainment at Miyako Teppanyaki.

Located in Birmingham’s Arcadian, the restaurant is famous for the chefs cooking food in front of its diners.

They have a wide selection of authentic classic Japanese dishes from sushi, California rolls and sashimi to meat, fish and vegetarian platters, and set menus offering an array of oriental tastes. We all went for the set menus.

We sat around a large table with a steel plate in the middle. The starter was a Chef’s Seasonal Salad accompanied with sushi, a tempura prawn and a meat dumpling, this was followed by a bowl of miso soup which is traditionally eaten as part of breakfast in Japan.

Then the entertainment began. Our personal chef brought out a wooden tray laden with meats, fish and vegetables. He poured oil onto the steel plate along with wine and brandy making an impressive flame that wowed us all! To accompany our feast we had the Asian favourite, egg fried rice. Our chef fried six eggs on the sizzling heat and once cooked mixed them in with fluffy rice and served in small ornate china bowls.

The tables then turned when the chef invited us to become part of the culinary show where we were given the chance to catch some of the cooked egg in our mouths! The birthday boy was the only one to get an egg in one! Our mains of either meat or fish were cooked, sliced and served with a selection of stir fried vegetables. Dessert was a sweet coconut ice-cream with fresh fruit and an extra special fruit platter and verse of happy birthday for our directors birthday, the perfect finale to an entertaining evening. Staff were attentive and friendly and always ensured our glasses were topped up and the food was to our taste.

If you want to experience a twist of theatrical culinary and be entertained while you eat then Miyako Teppanyaki is the place to go!